Leasing or buying a car can be a big decision. Most of us use our cars every day – for work and play. We use it to take us to and from work, to the supermarket and golf club and then double up as a taxi for picking up the kids. It needs space for those weekends away and trips to the DIY store. While you may want that sporty two seater you’ve always dreamed of, what you really need is a practical, fuel-efficient hatchback or estate.

It can take a lot of time to research makes, models, added extras, arrange test drives and then work out the best finance deals on the market.

That’s where Academy Leasing can help. We get to know you – so we can recommend what will deliver the best value for your needs.

After all, cars are what we know best. We have years of experience getting the right car at the right price for thousands of satisfied customers.