Academy Leasing has been supporting the surveying industry for almost two decades, during which time we have witnessed some groundbreaking new technologies transform the industry.

We are proud to support such an innovative industry and maintain a sharp focus on ensuring that our underwriting team are kept fully up to date with new instruments and how they can save time and money – vital when competing for contracts.

Whether you are an established company looking to invest in new instruments to stay ahead of the game or just setting up on your own and perhaps looking to acquire an ex-demo instrument to keep costs down, our flexible finance packages mean that we can help.

Our latest project involves one of the most advanced mobile mapping units available in the UK with a price tag in excess of £350,000. While a lot of mainstream funders and banks were not confident enough to offer the finance, Academy is different.  We understand the impact of the high-speed scanning that this offers and just how much money and how many man hours will be saved, so were delighted to be able to fund such inventive new technology.

We can also arrange finance for hire fleets at extremely competitive rates so you can maximise your returns.

Find out how we helped Cloaca Surveys – read news release.

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